Tales of Women Engineers: Innovation as a Leitmotif

As a major player in favour of the feminisation of engineering professions, ALTEN has always been committed to raising awareness and convincing women to join scientific and technical fields. Each year since 2017, the Group has interviewed its female employees. Eight consultants in Finland, Spain, Switzerland, France, Poland and the Netherlands have shared their inspiring career paths at the heart of technological transformations.

From agriculture to robotics, aerospace or pharmaceuticals, the diversity of their testimonies highlights the exciting mission of the Engineer: inventing and building the world of tomorrow.

In the publication, Tuomi Tähtinen, who works as a Team Leader and designer in Kotka in the field of piping design, opens her own career story. “In my everyday work, I always take ecology and the environment seriously. The technologies I work with in this field are very innovative,” says Tähtinen.

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