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Navigating the challenges of decarbonisation

The energy transition and collective awareness of climate change has highlighted the need to shift the world’s energy towards a low-carbon energy mix, favoring renewable energies.  

According to the International Energy Agency, fossil fuel shares (coal, oil, natural gas) in global energy production have remained close to 80% for decades and will fall to 73% by 2030.  

The transition to renewable energies (wind, hydrogen, biomass, solar…) is underway. Governments and businesses are investing heavily in renewable energies to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change. The programs for new nuclear reactors (SMR, New nuclear Built, etc.) and green hydrogen are currently at the heart of R&D investments and will place a considerable burden on the engineering professions over the next ten years. 

Facing the storage of renewable energies 

According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), it is desirable for 90% of the world’s electricity to come from renewable energies by 2050, whereas today we’re below the 30% mark.  

However, renewable energies are intermittent, as their production depends on unpredictable weather conditions. Energy storage as part of the energy transition is therefore a major challenge for the next 25 years. 

ALTEN, player in the energy transition 

With more 3,000 engineers around the world involved in energy transition, ALTEN has been working with key players in the sector on all major projects across the entire energy value chain, positioning itself as an end-to-end service provider – from research and development to industrial methods, supply chain management, digitalisation. ALTEN participates in large-scale strategic projects with important engineering components in the fields of nuclear power, renewable, oil & gas and energy storage. 

Facing the demand of specialized engineers in the Energy’s field and the expected performance, ALTEN has implemented a global strategy, including organisational aspects such as the creation of a Center of Excellence (ACE) based in particular on the ALTEN community of experts.  

ALTEN in the Energy & Environment industry


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domains of expertise Energy & Environment: Nuclear, Renewable and energy storage, Oil & Gas, Utilities and Equipment

ALTEN’s functional sectors

Nuclear New Built
  • New nuclear power 
  • R&D, SMR and defence reactors  
  • Operations & Maintenance 
  • Fuel cycle 
  • Decommissioning 
  • Hydraulic 
  • Wind-power 
  • Solar energy 
  • Bio-masse 
  • Storage 
  • Hydrogen 
Oil & Gas
  • Exploration Production 
  • Petrochemicals 
  • Refinery 
  • Storage 
  • Transport 
  • Distribution 
  • Smart Grid 
  • Retail 
  • Electrical & Electronic Equipment 
  • Heavy components 
  • Turbogenerator, rotated machines 
  • Boilers 
  • Manufacturing Engineering 

Our Success Stories

Our client was in the process of building a new refinery for an international operator and ordered electrical engineering design work from ALTEN. In this construction project, we took up the role of electrical designer for the refinery supplier. 

ALTEN’s client is an operator focusing on energy production in Finland. For this project, ALTEN designed a plant unit for the customer’s energy production plant, which enables the recovery of heat from wastewater for district heating. By providing our services, we were able to support the client in its green transition. This project took two years to complete. 

ALTEN’s client is an operator focusing on electricity generation in Finland. The aim of this project was to ensure the power plant’s electricity supply. In other words, the goal was to enable the customer’s plant to generate its own electricity, no longer needing to be dependent of the country’s electricity supply. This was achieved by adding a backup generator to one of the customer’s power generation units and increasing the fuel capacity of a backup power engine to the other power generation uni

The maintenance and modernisation of the French nuclear plants (58 reactors in activity) is one of the major challenges of the energy sector. ALTEN is an essential player in the in-service support (ISS) engineering chain for many projects.

ALTEN operates an outsourced service centre for nuclear plants in France:  

  • Spare parts procurement (obsolescence management, management and tracking of orders, handling of non-conformities)  
  • Inventory management for logistics centres for preventive and corrective maintenance, logistical preparation for units shutdown at nuclear power plants (stock transfers, order management, parts reservations)  
  • Supplier performance audits and associated action plans  
  • Project management, through to the full lifecycle of nuclear submarines, particularly during the design, assembly, and integration phases of the propulsion system into the nuclear boiler room and the engine room  
  • Studies and 3D modelling of the installation layout, layout management, work planning and monitoring  
  • On-site assembly and testing, monitoring equipment integration, updating digital mock-ups  
  • Preparation and monitoring of industrial contracts 

Thanks to an increasingly competitive cost, wind has become one of the pillars of decarbonised energy production in the world. ALTEN supports a global leader in wind turbines in mechanical design, gearbox development, the definition of instrumentation-control laws, electro technical studies, software development and the analysis of host sites. 

According to the EPA (American Environmental Protection Agency), 30% of the energy used in a commercial or industrial building is wasted. To maximise the energy performance of buildings and industrial facilities, ALTEN supports a global leader in energy and services in the development and deployment of a FM (Facility Management) digital solution and CAM (Computer-Aided Maintenance Management) solution. 


Energy suppliers 

EDF, Engie, Total, Shell, ENI, Air Liquide, Vattenfall, Iberdrola, Orano 

Energy equipment manufacturers 

GE, Siemens Energy, Schneider Electric, TechnipFMC, Technip Energies, Framatome…