Our client was working on an extensive project related to building a new large-sized machine. In the project, ALTEN was responsible for designing and writing the technical instructions for the propeller system of the machine. The technical instructions included the propeller production instructions, customer documents, propeller technical drawings, propeller commissioning instructions and maintenance instructions. In total, ALTEN created several hundreds of documents during the project. As a whole, the project took two years to complete.

ALTEN’s expertise in the project
In addition to creating and managing the technical documents of the machine’s propeller system, ALTEN also ensured that the technical documents were delivered in right place and in right time to the right people. ALTEN was also responsible for developing documentation processes on how to make documentation easier and more efficient for all stakeholders.

Stakeholders in the project were in addition to the documentation engineers, the project managers, lead engineers, design engineers, R&D engineers, purchasing, production, logistic and end-users. ALTEN’s documentation engineers took the responsibility for all processes related to the technical documentations, which allowed the other parties involved in the project to focus on other tasks required by the project.

Main duties and responsibilities of the documentation engineers

ALTEN’s documentation engineers’ main duties and responsibilities included being a super-user of the document management systems as well as ensuring accurate and efficient preparation and management of the documents. Their work also included archiving and collaboration with lead engineers and technical writers. The documentation engineers also took care of the documentation process development, e.g. implementing new documentation management software.

Technical systems that were utilized in the project, were documentation management systems such as SAP, ERP and PDM.