Tomi Hugg as Head of Southern Engineering Division

Tomi Head of Division Engineering South ALTEN Finland
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Tomi Hugg has been promoted as Head of Engineering Division South as of 3 September 2022. When Tomi started his career at ALTEN Finland, the company was about to open its first office in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Hugg has been able to follow ALTEN Finland’s growth from the very beginning and has been a key part of the company’s growth and new forays into new territories.

Tomi Hugg started working for ALTEN Finland six years ago. At that time ALTEN was looking for a Business Manager and the business in the Helsinki region was just starting up. Together with another Business Manager, Hugg was able to set up an office in Espoo. “When I first applied for the Business Manager position, I didn’t know what my role would be like. We started in an empty office in Espoo, so I got to build the Helsinki region from scratch”, recalls Tomi. Kicking off the business involved a lot of marketing and building awareness among clients and experts alike. “We started with two Business Managers in Espoo and now we have well over 100 employees on the engineering side in the Helsinki metropolitan area. From the role of Business Manager, I gradually moved up the career path and am currently in charge of engineering services in the South Division.”

What made you decide to work in technology?

“I’ve been interested in technology and maths since I was a child, which made engineering a natural choice for me. And that’s where it has come from. It’s a really diverse field that suits me well.”

What tips would you give to those who want to work in technology?

“If you want to see a diverse field, engineering is a good option. In an engineering firm, you can develop yourself in a variety of different areas of interest and get a broader view of the field. It’s important to find your own strengths and interests, and don’t be discouraged if you don’t find your place straight away. This is an industry that requires a wide range of skills and where one job description emphasises good communication skills in another, more detailed planning skills are needed. Get excited and actively develop yourself.”

What is it like working at ALTEN? What is ALTEN like as an employer?

Tomi Hugg Head of Division
For Tomi, recharging his batteries in nature is a good counterbalance to intensive data work. (Photo: Tomi’s home album)

“ALTEN gives you the freedom to express yourself. ALTEN sets a certain framework within which you are free to decide what direction to take and what to do. ALTEN offers an international working environment, which I enjoy a lot. We also have a really good and open working atmosphere.”

How has ALTEN supported you in your work?
“In many ways. I think the ALTEN managerial path is very well structured. I like the fact that the whole journey is built around the idea of coaching. Whatever role you work in, you are never without help. The good atmosphere and working together has also been important. You get support from the coaches as well as from your whole team. ALTEN also offers a lot of training to support everyone’s personal development.”

When asked about the best aspects of the job, Tomi’s first answer is working with people, definitely. “In this job you get to work with clients, consultants and managers alike,” he says. “And of course, the various successes are always rewarding. Successes in managing clients and developing people are particularly important to me.” In his work, Tomi finds the continuous development of the technology sector motivating. However, the rapid market change created by the way the world is going today also creates challenges. “In this job, you have to stay on the cutting edge of rapid change all the time. The rush and time demands good prioritisation and organisation skills,” Tomi reflects.

What are the things that help you to keep going in your job?

“Family and a variety of physical activities are important to me. My hobbies include gym, orienteering, frisbee golf, fat bike cycling and fishing. In particular, being out in nature helps me to reset. In addition, I have an ongoing renovation project at home that has been going on for several years now. I find that working with my hands gives me a really good counterbalance to my work.”

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