From testing to the depths of DevOps


Three years ago, Aleksi saw a job advertisement looking for testers. His career started in test automation, from which he has moved more and more towards DevOps, supported by his own interests and various customer projects. We asked Aleksi about his career, self-development and the future of DevOps.

“I’ve always loved solving a problem and the feeling it gives when you find a solution,” says Aleksi, who works as a DevOps Engineer at ALTEN. “I’m also interested in creating something new. In coding, you can quickly and tangibly see the mark of your own hand. Either the code compiles or it doesn’t, but you know the result quickly,” he laughs. Aleksi studied Communications Engineering at Aalto University, majoring in Communication Ecosystems and graduating in 2019. “In coding, you’re often stuck on something, so if you’re interested in coding, you should be prepared to try and fail many times. The feeling when you finally s쳮d is the one that makes you keep going and want to learn more about coding.”

“For a long time at school I kept telling myself that I would never be a coder, but here I am and now I’m very happy with the result. Life is too short to worry about what other people think of you when you can do the things you enjoy.”

Although software development is a very independent job, Aleksi says that good interpersonal skills are an important part of his professional skills. “You have to have the courage to ask questions all the time. The sooner you get on with it, the better, it’s better for everyone,” he explains. “A curious mind, good perceptiveness and the ability to absorb a large amount of information are also important qualities. Especially at the beginning of a client project, there is a huge amount of information about a new project. In addition, the work requires patience, as sometimes things can take several days to progress. And, of course, you can’t forget language and communication skills.”

Working independently also allows you to do a lot, for example in terms of where or how you work. “The best thing about client work is the freedom to match your own way of working with the client. Up to now, I have very much been able to decide when and how I work,” says Aleksi. “This way of working has suited both myself and the client very well.” Aleksi works as a hybrid; part of the week he works from home, and part of the week he sits with colleagues in the Kalasatama office. “ALTEN is a very relaxed place to be. Here, everyone can be exactly who they want to be,” Aleksi praises the atmosphere in the workplace. “It’s always nice to come to your own office to exchange news and share the latest news. The people in your own office are like a family you can always count on, and there’s no problem too big that you can’t find a solution.”

 “ALTEN strives to make the ideas and wishes of its employees come true to the best of its ability. It’s a good place to work.”

To counterbalance the intensity of his day job, Aleksi is active in his spare time. He has 25 years of golf behind him, where he competed most of the time. “When I started studying at university, golf took a back seat and I started competing in the long drive. Apart from golf, I’m active in the gym and Crossfit, play volleyball and biathlon, go Frisbee golfing,” he says modestly. Over the last seven years, Aleksi has worked his way into the top of the European long drive rankings. In last weekend’s ELDG final, Aleksi finished fifth and seventh in the final ranking as the best Finnish competitor. Besides sports, Aleksi spends his time playing board games, guitar and computer games.

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