One Global Solution – A new age approach to sustainable business

One Global Solution

Finland is aiming for carbon neutrality by 2035. This requires faster emission reductions in all sectors and strengthening our carbon sinks. One Global Solution is a partner for organisations on their growth journey towards a sustainable future.

One Global Solution is a data-driven and engineering-driven development concept that aims to create a one-stop solution for organisations striving for sustainability. Founded in 2020, the concept was born out of ALTEN Group’s acquisition of SDG Group , a multinational management consulting firm providing data & analytics services.

During more than 30 years of operation, SDG Group has led numerous consulting projects and developed the innovative Data-First concept, which provides advanced solutions for organizations’ Data & Analytics requirements. Today, SDG Group has more than 1100 experts working side by side with more than 500 clients in around 30 countries.

A solution where engineering, data & analytics and sustainability meet

Together, the ALTEN Group and SDG Group have increased their efforts internationally to support customers in building sustainable businesses. We work with leading international sustainability experts and seamlessly integrate sustainability practices into every service solution. One Global Solution therefore improves business performance while considering changes in the business environment. Our solution creates new business value and competitive advantage by promoting agility and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Demands for sustainability have grown rapidly and the conversation has moved from talk to action. In many organisations, sustainability has become a core element of corporate strategy, driven forward in a sustained and deliberate way. There has also been a change in the motivation of organisations towards sustainability. Today, motivation is not just driven by brand image or goodwill but is seen to have a direct impact on competitive advantage, long-term cost savings, value chain and risk management. The Sustainability Reporting Directive also means that more and more companies are subject to reporting requirements, encouraging the development of measurable and monitored performance.

The complexity of sustainability work brings challenges, but also innovative insights, which is why sustainability is above all a collaboration between different experts.

Achieving results in all areas of sustainable development

One Global Solution is based solely on results and collaboration, which evolves from a specialist role to a long-term partnership. Decades of experience and numerous projects guarantee an industry-independent capacity for excellence and the ability to refine sustainable development in all areas. Recently, our projects have tackled sustainability issues through environmental engineering, sustainability analytics, data management, sustainability strategy, optimisation and performance management, training and reporting.

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