ALTEN Nordics are growing – Becomes ALTEN Northern

ALTEN Nordics, which previously consisted of Sweden and Finland, will also include Switzerland as from 1st of January 2019. As a result, ALTEN Nordics change name to ALTEN Northern. ALTEN Northern includes 2.900 employees.

David Ljungström, former regional director Nordics, has been promoted as one of the first nonFrench managers to become vice president and manager of ALTEN Northern.

“The reorganization comes with advantages such as clearer sectioning in the group, which results in easier exchange of competence between the countries. This means expanded opportunities for an international career for you as an employee. A big number of ALTENs customers operate in both Finland, Sweden and Switzerland. ABB, Bombardier and the Swiss bank Swiss Re are some examples.” – David Ljungström

Pauline Granger, who recently entered the role as Managing Director of ALTEN Switzerland, has an impressive seven-year-old history within ALTEN and experience of different countries and cultures. She started her journey as Experienced Business Manager at ALTEN Spain. After a few years, she continued the journey to support in the development of the business activity at XDIN USA. After a couple of challenging but fun years, she got the opportunity to lead the development of ALTEN Switzerland.

Read more about Pauline Granger, what the reorganization means for the cooperation between Sweden and Switzerland and why she thinks you should consider an international career in Switzerland.

What does the reorganization mean for ALTEN Switzerland?

Sweden and Finland are well implemented companies, with a long history and a lot of success stories! In Switzerland, on the contrary, we are progressively letting the “start-up mode” behind us. I am convinced we have many things to learn from our Swedish and Finnish fellow colleagues. This also means increased opportunities for the exchange of competence between the countries and increased international career opportunities for ALTEN Northern employees. I am really looking forward to working with the Nordics and proud that Switzerland is now part of the Nordics family.

What kind of exciting projects can you work with in Switzerland?
The Swiss market is a high-tech, high-quality market with a strong focus on innovation and we are able to deliver high technical expertise, beside strong project management to more than 60 clients. We have 3 divisions in Switzerland: TECHNOS, Life Sciences and IT. Our engineers are part of challenging projects from the Pharmaceutical, biotech, medical devices Industry; Aerospace (Private Jet), railway, special machines, Private Banking, Insurance, Telecommunications and even of Armed force! We deliver leading-edge technical expertise in both consulting and Workpackages. Any engineer interested in joining Switzerland is always welcome!

Why should anyone consider working in Switzerland?
You will get an amazing opportunity to work in a cultural environment and a chance to work with so many nationalities even if Switzerland is a very small country.
In addition, of all what I mentioned before about “High tech-ness of Switzerland” It is a very nice country to live in: sky rides are not more than 30mn driving and in the same time you can enjoy a nice Swiss-Italian dish right next to the Lugano Lake or sailing in the Leman Lake, the biggest lake in Central Europe! Everything in Switzerland is so close and at the same time: you can feel this cultural diversity not only in the language but also in the food or the way of living. In addition to the numerous things you can do in Switzerland, you are in the center of Europe: France, Italia, Germany are close and you can escape on the weekend without having to take a plane. You never get bored, this is amazing!