With the experience from long-lasting partnerships, ALTEN Finland serves as a trusted partner for the most important industrial machine and equipment manufacturers in Finland. We support our customers in developing specific project-based solutions as well as technology-based product development projects. Our expertise spans from conceptualization and pre-studies all the way through the product’s entire life-cycle, and towards the development of new, innovative solutions.

We participate in maintenance planning among other projects of the heavy industry. Our skills in designing machines and equipment are suitable for minor maintenance tasks as well as demanding, diversified projects. We also support our customers by assessing safety of machines and production lines, providing implementation offers, and supervising installations.

Primary industry areas

Manufacturers of industrial machines and equipment, heavy industry

Areas of expertise

  • Technology-based design
  • Conceptualization
  • Preliminary planning
  • Product design
  • Safety assessment
  • Maintenance planning
  • Installation supervision
  • Implementation
  • Projects
  • Technical calculation
  • Spare parts design
  • Production line design