We offer expert-level engineering services for power grid design and power line route planning as well as maintenance inspections. Our offering includes a broad spectrum of services in the field of electric power distribution, from design to inspection.

Our services span across the complete process of electric power distribution: from the monitors at the power plant all the way to the residential electricity meters. We are specialized in power grid design and power line route planning, infrastructure and steel infrastructure design as well as building services engineering (i.e. electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and telecommunications design)

Areas of expertise

  • General planning
  • Power grid design
  • Power line route planning
  • Licensing
  • Electrical calculations for power grid design
  • Fault current calculations
  • High voltage cable inspection
  • Documentation
  • Overall design (routes, licenses and permits, electrical calculations for power grids, power grid design, on-site photography, equipment lists and end documentation of projects)
  • Maintenance inspection with minor service and repair work (changing of name plates and warning signs)
  • Dry rot inspection
  • Earthing inspection
  • Infrared video shooting
  • Various other measurements and inspections
  • Project management
  • Construction inspections